Business advisory for agile development and innovation in Middle East, Africa and India


Who we are

PRORIENTED is a Business Advisory Firm made of experienced professionals with successful business track record in the Middle East, Africa and India, a solid reputation and an important network of contacts and relationships with the local ecosystem. Skills and knowledge are the result of direct experience in business management in the region on behalf of multinational companies and major local groups. Today this know how is made available to our customers giving the opportunity to companies to access the expertise, professionalism and reliability of qualified managers and advisors with lean and flexible collaboration solutions.


PRORIENTED aims to promote and support growth and business development of companies in the Middle East, Africa and India markets.

This happens through:

  1. Guidance and support to prioritize the Middle East, Africa and India markets in the overall company’s business strategy – it is critical that these markets are considered strategic for the company
  2. Strengthen and integrate local business management to enhance performance and achieve the goals of companies strategically oriented to these markets.


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Business Localization


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Fractional Management and Outsourced Executive


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Key Assets



Regional Directors, Entrepreneurs & Professionals having a key role in strategic thinking, business guidance and network empowerment



Trustable service providers for business support activities



Lean and efficient local structure to empower your presence in Dubai


Over 20 years of work in Middle East, Africa and India as an executive for global leading multinational companies.

A highly entrepreneurial path in complex markets with a high potential, a know-how made from lessons learned in the field with successful intuitions, some gambles and tough decisions mixed with missed victories, disappointments and few defeats.

Most importantly an obsessive way of thinking from the first moment: ”to capture" the maximum potential of the company in the region with a solid and sustainable growth.

After many years, another obsessive way of thinking: how many large companies have remained sidelined in this part of the world? Unfortunately too many businesses have missed opportunities to activate their potential in this region.

As never before missing opportunities is today critical considering the difficulty for our organizations to grow and for our brands to succeed.
Lack of knowledge and attention, erratic decisions based on "I think" and "I read that" have led many organizations to a short-sighted and superficial approach downsizing their potential.

Here comes PRORIENTED as a driving force to lead the internalization of business combining in an "operating hub" the professionalism and the market expertise of senior professionals together with the excellence and ambition of companies aiming to succeed in this part of the world.

Andrea Zaffin