Automated Vehicles to reinforce Retail Proposition?

Article by Andrea Zaffin commenting on the article “Technology delivered: Implications for cost, customers, and competition in the last-mile ecosystem

The world of automation has always been a fascinating topic.

The future described in this article makes me imaging a scenario of non-stop flow of automated vehicles running up and down our streets delivering our online shopping 24/7 (yes probably we will have automated receiving areas too!) basically extending the supply chain till our doorstep.

Definitely efficient and convenient. This will give additional mileage to online increasing service and convenience to further level.

However the excitement is not without some concern for the competition off line. I think about the impact that this will have on the famous ultimate reason that make us taking time and effort to drive to a physical store: “the retail experience”.

Let’s say that walking around a mall carrying big shopping bags is not exactly the kind of “experience” we look for, so maybe this futuristic evolution driven by automated vehicles might become somehow a service to reinforce physical stores proposition too, at least in this case technology will be fairly applicable to both on and off line retailers for the benefit of all consumers.


Hypermarket retail vitality

Article by Andrea Zaffin

When I arrived in 2000 in Dubai, “the destination” for shopping was Deira City Centre. The attractiveness of the place was phenomenal being the first modern centre with anchor brands (Ikea, Carrefour, Plug Ins, Zara) under one roof.
Carrefour particularly has always amazed me being a retail format in my opinion way more than just a hypermarket.
One thing was the capability to innovate and adapt with market trends not only in food but for example in mobile business when this category started booming in the early 2000.
Yesterday after some time I was touring with the usual affection the place and I found out that the toy area became a real Kids Club (a must for anyone who lives or visits Dubai with kids!)
After 18 years this place keep showing an amazing capability to reinvent its proposition.
Definitely I will make sure to walk through more often to enjoy the dynamic product offer and the positive energy of the crowd.
For whoever needs reassurance about the vitality of retail in Dubai I strongly recommend to join.

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