Business leaders are facing an increasing level of pressure taking more decisions in a very uncertain environment; lot of the established "know-how" is no more effective as before, we need to be capable to constantly assess and re-design solutions, here today we share 3 mistakes impacting that capability.

We have seen several newcomers, from entrepreneurs to managers, entering the region with an attitude
that “I know what to do”; lot of focus and investment on getting to know the technicalities (how do I open
a company?) much less on assessing skills on how to run the business in a diferent part of the world.

Sharing experience about 3 common shorth sighted approaches impacting business development


Individualism, assuming to know and being self-centered are the perfect formula to fail.
Ironically this happens often with established business people getting misled by confidence built on past
situation and different markets.
You need trusted and independent people as your sounding board to support and prepare your decisionmaking process.


Once business is activated and you are playing in fast-changing environment like emerging markets it is key to remain connected and keep reassessing operational model to fit local dynamics.
Stay connected, keep building relationship to develop network and access valuable insights.


A major limitation is to rely on favor to take critical decision for the business; very often there is this idea of picking up the phone and call the friend of the friend (of the friend of the friend…) to ask insights, advises, information.
People are busy, don’t expect successful business leaders to be ready anytime and willing to invest their
time for your needs.
You need to have direct and solid access to a reliable task force available to support you from
brainstorming to operational advises.

"We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious
suggestion, but it involves courage and risk." -Thomas Moore

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