Business Advisory

Strategic direction

Support and guide strategic decisions to achieve the long-term goals of the Business in the Region

business performance

Business Development

Research and evaluation of new opportunities, markets, and potential channels, alliances, and partnerships


Performance & Results

Focus on revenue growth, profitability, and brand development


Board Member

Our role is to be your trustees to contribute in steering the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound and ethical strategic direction, proper governance and effective management, managing the relationship with local partners.

Non-Executive Directors

We provide leadership, expertise, and experience to

  • Support and manage a company's strategy, performance and risk
  • Keep the local management accountable
  • Commit a significant amount of time to the oversight of the company, independently assessing the company's performance, ensuring the firm's shareholders are top of our mind
  • Overlooking financials of the company and verify compliance by putting necessary controls in place
  • Provide insight into external factors that may affect the business
  • Provide value through outside contacts that can benefit the company

Fractional Management and Outsourced Executive

External management brings not only experience and specialist skills but also a more balanced and professional vision of the company context at a fractional cost of a full time with undoubted benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.


Localize with Proriented

Your business is domiciled at

a Free Zone company based in Dubai operating as a
"BRANCH OFFICE" (no trading)

A fast and flexible solution, making it easy to stress your
presence through your people

No requirement to create, operate or
liquidate a company

Lean and cost efficient set up

Guidance and monitoring your people's activity, fully focusing on your business

Open your own subsidiary

We assist you in the creation and management of your subsidiary

Management of local requirements while minimizing cost and time consumption

Shared services run by PRORIENTED - an efficient & effective solution

Ability to operate both Offshore and Onshore with or without local invoicing

Possibility to operate retail (only for an onshore company)

Empower your existing local presence

Assistance in daily business management

Reinforcing control of partnerships

Outsourcing services and headcount to Proriented to improve efficiency and flexibility

Driving local reorganization and restructuring processes